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Oh but why?

Why not? If you are passionate about the place you live in you'll want it to flourish with local things that have an impact on the bigger picture.

Books and cards delivered by bicycle - almost always on the same day is a huge hurrah for the whole entire planet.

I used to work in a local bookshop until the pandemic crushed me back into my tiny little house and took me away from that vibrant lifeline of good chat. I miss shops. But, I've found an excuse to jump on my bicycle at any moment! My niche selection of books and handmade cards are purposefully designed to offer something different to the "local". As a shielder, it is a way to keep doing what I do.

Will this continue when I am released from captivity? Yes yes yes! I mean, why not? I've built it, it works, and there are exciting things I can do to make it better. I think micro-local businesses that can green the planet a bit are the bee's knees - full of pollen.

Did I just interview myself here? YES, but I'd much rather be talking to you. I've been isolating since the 8th of March 2020 so I've gotten rather good at muttering back and forth to myself. The good news is that I had my first vaccine on the 3 Feb and have a second one scheduled for mid-April. I promise never to interview myself again after that.

That leaves me with a mere month to tell you everything. Luckily for you, I've poured many of the ponderances I've had over the past year into short form and cunningly disguised them as children's books. The first one was terrible, no surprise. The second one is showing great promise, but, who knows. If any or all of these attempts fail, I'll recycle the backgrounds and all the mad-crosshatched trees I've drawn into designs for greeting cards, creating my own little circular economy of sorts, so, it is a win-win.

Oh and I meant to tell you - cross-hatching is total zen. Get your pencils out...have a try. Pure pleasure, I swear.

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